Get Into a Routine With Dementia Care

By now, you’ve probably seen a number of articles about the importance of a back-to-school routine. And while the “back-to-school” topic might not be relevant for your loved one, the team at Qualicare wants you to know that the topic of “routine” is, especially if your loved one has dementia.

Everyone Needs a Routine—Especially Alzheimer’s Patients

Do you remember your routine growing up? Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, attend sports practice, come home, eat dinner, finish homework, prepare for bed, and wake up and do it all over again. While it might have been tedious and boring at times, there was also a comfort in knowing what was going to happen next.

The same is true for those who have dementia. There is a comfort for them in knowing what is going to happen next, whether it be lunch, taking a walk, going to a therapy appointment or another everyday task. When people begin to lose their memory, they feel a loss of control. Therefore, the familiarity of a schedule that they can recognize helps improve their quality of life. Even after your loved one loses the sense of familiarity, the routine is helpful in keeping consistency in his or her life.

In addition, if your loved one with dementia has a routine, it can help prevent him or her from being distracted by the unknown. Distractions can cause your loved one additional stress, as well as anxiety. However, the routine can help bring a sense of calm and ease.

If you are looking to help put a routine in place for your loved one, consider your loved one’s needs, likes and activities that he or she enjoyed in the past. Did he always enjoy a game of checkers after Sunday lunch? Then how about starting up a game of checkers once again? It may seem simple, but it can be a big deal in the larger picture.

Are you too overwhelmed by caring for your loved one with dementia to even consider a routine? Visit the Qualicare website today to learn how our team can help care for your loved one and help you to establish a routine.


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