Home care as unique as your family.

Relax, we’ve got this.

Whether a loved one finds it challenging to live safely at home or is in a medical crisis, we are here to help. Family caregivers often find themselves overwhelmed; even burnt out. We understand you want the best for your loved one, but deep down you know it is a challenge to juggle your life while still providing the care they need.

You don’t have to do this alone. You can rely on our team to support yours throughout the care journey – no matter what happens, we’ll be there. Find the peace of mind you need so you can get back to being a family.


Holistic care for you and those you love.

At Qualicare, we know that quality of life depends on quality time with those we love. We also know that when you’re caring for an elderly or ailing loved one, finding that time can prove difficult.

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With our caregiving services, we can help you reclaim that time and spend it with the people who matter most to you. This means more small moments, like sharing a fresh cup of coffee over breakfast with Mom or Dad. And it means more big ones, like helping you bring the whole family together for the holiday season.

Home care for every family and every situation.

Qualicare is known for our commitment to comprehensive home care, offering a number of specialized services that can be difficult to find. This makes us uniquely qualified for those who require home health care or who are coping with chronic medical concerns.

Our local Care Experts have extensive experience navigating the health care system. In fact, many of them are Registered Nurses themselves! We use this experience to advocate for our clients in health care situations, help them locate services necessary to good health, and guide them through complex medical situations.

We also offer a wide range of specialized home care services. Qualicare provides home health care services for a variety of chronic medical conditions including ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. The knowledge and experience of our Care Experts makes it possible for us to coordinate with your doctors and other medical professionals to ensure the highest quality care for your individual needs and situation.

Our Care Experts are with you every step of the way.

Qualicare has been helping thousands of families every year for almost twenty years. When you contact us, you will be connected with a local Care Expert. Many of our Care Experts are also Registered Nurses and look at ensuring you’re cared for from every angle - known as our 360° Approach. Each one of our Care Experts will use their knowledge and experience to guide you and your family through care decisions and help make stressful situations a little easier.

360deg approach

The 360° Approach

A unique and better way for family home care.

Our 360° Approach to home care ensures comprehensive care for every client. Under this approach, we look at care from 5 different perspectives. We then provide each client with a one-of-a-kind 360° CarePlan, covering a full spectrum of caregiving needs.

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Give us a call

Talk to your Care Expert and let them know what you’re going through. We’ll then come to you for an in-home consultation... wherever home is.


Care assessment

Tell us what’s going on: your care needs, goals, and what a better day could look like. Your Care Expert will look at 5 key areas of care to ensure nothing is missed.


World-class care

Your personalized 360° Care Plan will be developed based on your input and our expertise. Start receiving the highest quality of care that will evolve as your situation and goals change.

Emma's Story

See how the 360° Approach works for Emma

Emma came to Qualicare worried that her loss of mobility would keep her from the activities and people she loves. So we designed a 360° Care Plan to help Emma retain her independence. Thanks to Qualicare, Emma’s still tending roses at her local gardening club, and she never misses one of her granddaughter’s dance recitals.


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