She is my lifeline!

She is my dear caregiver who makes my existence possible.

I am 20 years older than Yvonne. On my good days we are two giggling women
making future plans for travel to distant lands (if we win the lottery!).
Sometimes I am her Mama. Sometimes I am her child.
Dont cry, Mama, she would say. I will take
care of you. Sometimes she is the tough taskmaster. Child,
you cant give up, she says. You have to get dressed.
We are going out. Put on lipstick. You never know who we might meet.

In the morning she stands quietly in front of my bed. I can feel her presence
even if my eyes are closed. When I open my eyes, her beautiful smile tells
me, It is another day and we made it. In the evening she
says, I will open the drapes for you so we can watch the sunset.

Swallowing food is very hard for me. Yvonne says, Eat, I will blend
it for you. This cantaloupe looks sweet and fresh.

Yvonne had never heard of ALS. She met me at the beginning of my decline.
She watched me lost my ability to speak. Now she patiently waits to read
the words that I write.

I cant walk. She transfers my heavy load from bed to the washroom
to the wheelchair and back.

Most of all we treat each other with respect.

Yvonne is one of those unsung heroes that we are lucky to meet when we
are in desperate need. She does not know about ALS. Her heart feels and
tells her what to do.

Thank you Yvonne.

In tribute to Funia and to share her valuable insights, Qualicare Franchise
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In addition we have prepared a booklet entitled
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