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Waterloo Employee of the Month

Waterloo Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Angie from Kitchener, ON. Our Qualicare Employee of the Month for July

Angie from Kitchener, ON has been nominated as our July Employee of the Month for Qualicare SW Ontario.

Angie has been working with Qualicare since early 2015. She shows adaptability in the work force, calmness, and willingness to always be of help to a client or fellow care provider in need. She is flexible and willing to take on additional hours when we were short staffed or experienced last minute care provider cancellations for same day shifts. Angie reports in detail following every shift. When listening to her updates at the office, it is almost as if we were at the shift ourselves!

Angie shows compassion and understanding for clients (and family members) in difficult situations and recognizes the importance of her role in their care. She is always willing to offer suggestions on how to best approach a difficult client or situation in order to provide the best possible outcome for both parties involved. Clients love Angie's vibrant (yet soft) personality and the energy she carries into a room. She is patient, reliable, compassionate and has been a great asset to the Qualicare team. We cannot imagine our team without her!

Angie embodies our vision of a Qualicare Employee. Keep up the amazing work!