After a stroke, a survivor needs a lot of physical, emotional, and psychological
support. It can be challenging to maintain a strict schedule, but following
a routine for sleep, medications, meal times, and physiotherapy can help
them achieve a better recovery.

At Qualicare Windsor, we greatly value finding your family a Care Team
that will help your loved one to feel comfortable and confident. We know
that your family will have many needs after this scary event, and we offer
Care Plans to provide support for your loved one for their stroke rehabilitation.


We Support the Whole Family

A stroke can affect the entire family. It can be difficult to fully prepare
for the consequences and challenges that you may face after a loved one
has a stroke. The early recovery phase can be a confusing time, which
may lead you to feel helpless and hopeless. At Qualicare Windsor, we
can support you through these difficult changes and guide your family
as your normal roles change.

We want you to know that you arent alone in this challenging time.
Our Care Team is here to help you and your loved one feel safe, comfortable,
and confident. Because we know you care about who comes into your home,
we only use care professionals with extensive experience in stroke rehabilitation
and supporting stroke survivors and their families.

Get the Help You Need from Qualicare Windsor

Our Care Team is made up of Caregivers, PSWs, and RPNs who are managed
and extensively trained by our Care Managers. At Qualicare Windsor, our
Care Team will:

  • Help with chores and other household tasks
  • Participate in activities and conversations to encourage mental stimulation
  • Adapt activities and routines as needs change
  • Offer full assistance with grooming and hygiene tasks
  • Maintain routines and encourage comfortable situations to prevent agitation
    and outbursts
  • Provide nutritious meals and support during meal times
  • Prevent accidents and create a safe living space

How Qualicare Windsor Can Help Your Family After a Stroke

At Qualicare Windsor, we understand how difficult a stroke can be for
the entire family”both emotionally and physically. As a family,
you will all have to adjust to the aftermath as your roles in the relationship
change. It can be challenging to learn, but our Windsor stroke rehabilitation
team is here to help your loved one
recover from a stroke at their own pace.

Have Questions?

Dont wait to get answers. Our Care Team is available 24/7 to answer
your questions and provide support. Let our team at Qualicare Windsor
help your family.

Contact our office by calling (519) 968-1807.