Qualicare Offers Trusted Homecare Services

In the United States alone, an estimated 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic
brain injury per year. The effects of a traumatic brain injury can be
life-changing, for both the victim and their family. It can also be difficult
to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

At Qualicare, we aim to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with life-changing
injuries such as TBI. By handling your loved ones care and medical
needs, we enable you to focus on what is truly important”your loved
one! Not only do we provide basic care, we can act as a liaison between
healthcare services and your family, ensuring that your loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Our qualified nurse managers can put together a homecare plan that meets
TBI victims needs. Call (888) 591-0017!

Symptoms of TBI

When a traumatic brain injury occurs, symptoms are not as immediately apparent
as with a broken bone or physical injury. Harder to understand are the
changes in behavior or personality that a person with a moderate to severe
traumatic brain injury often experiences. It takes a skilled, trained
caregiver to know how to appropriately respond to these changes in a client with TBI.

Take a look at some behavioral symptoms of traumatic brain injury:

  • Uncooperative behavior
  • Denial of illness
  • Broken relationships
  • Memory disorders

These symptoms can be difficult to adjust to for a family member who feels
as though they have lost their loved one. Instead of having to juggle
the different responsibilities of caregiver, healthcare manager, family
member, and sometimes more, you can just focus on caring for your loved
one and maintaining a healthy relationship when you turn to Qualicare.