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homecare Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of the GTA but my parents live in Toronto, can I arrange care without being there?

Absolutely! That’s exactly why you would call us. Qualicare has offices around the GTA and also across Ontario and Canada. We can help you arrange care wherever your parents live and we’ll keep you fully engaged in the decision and planning process plus we'll keep you informed on a regular basis about care and progress.

If we use Qualicare private homecare services will this affect our eligibility for government funded CCAC homecare services?

Not at all! In fact, our Nurse Case Managers can help you access government services from different appropriate agencies so that you maximize your eligible resources. In the best scenario, you’ll receive your eligible amount of CCAC care and then we will supplement the services where required. This gives you the comfort and confidence that you are receiving adequate care while minimizing your costs. Find your Local CCAC

Does my private health insurance cover Qualicare services?

Every insurance plan has unique features and benefits. Many employer-provided Extended Health Benefit Plans include coverage for private nursing, homemaker or personal support services. Ask your benefits administrator or insurance company about your entitlements.

In most cases you will hire us and then submit your receipts for reimbursement from your insurer, just like you do with prescriptions. In special cases, we can be authorized to deal directly with the insurance company. We ensure that all documents and invoices meet your insurance company’s requirements to minimize red tape and time.

Can Qualicare help with homecare after an automobile injury?

We are very familiar with Ontario (SABS) Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and we are a registered service provider with (HCAI) Health Claims for Auto Insurance. Every accident insurance claim is unique. We coordinate services with all parties including you, your lawyer, case manager (OT) and the insurance company.

Our goal to provide the best quality of eligible care within the limits or your policy or claim while meeting all of the insurer’s documentation and reporting requirements.

What is the difference between Live in homecare and Hourly Care?

Live in care is a great solution for a senior or senior couple requiring regular assistance with homemaking, mobility assistance, safety monitoring and companionship. Live in caregivers must be provided their own sleeping quarters and washroom and typically eat their meals from the household groceries.

Live in caregivers are usually not the appropriate solution for people with serious medical issues that require constant or regular care over a 24 hour period and throughout the night.

Hourly caregivers attend on a regular schedule (day or night) and have a schedule of duties to perform. Hourly caregivers will perform a variety of duties according to a care plan that could include delegated tasks regarding medications, assistance with personal hygiene, household chores or homemaking, meal preparation and even assistance with transportation.

A Qualicare Case Management Nurse can help you decide what type of assistance is most appropriate for your needs. This assessment is alway free of charge.

Why should I involve Qualicare in the exploration and assessment of nursing homes, retirement communities and other long term care facilities?

Remaining within the comfort of your own home with professional in-home assistance is often the best scenario. However, sometimes circumstances are such that alternative living or care arrangements prove to be the way to go. A Qualicare Case Management Nurse can help you evaluate your options to make sure that important considerations are known before decisions are made.

Can Qualicare deliver services in a hospital?

We care for our clients wherever they are including hospitals, home, or retirement communities. We have wonderful relationships with hospitals and retirement homes. Hospital staff are always open an honest about the limitations of their service. They appreciate the fact that you have arranged professional care for services that reach beyond the scope of their resources.

If your loved one is hospitalized, ask the hospital staff for a Qualicare brochure or for their opinion about in hospital care. Hint: Mention "Qualicare" by name and you'll get a positive reaction.

What types of caregivers are available for our home?

Qualicare’s provides qualified professional staff with the appropriate qualifications and certification. We also match previous experience and skills for each case assignment.

Qualicare’s professional services are provided by certified Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Physiotherapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Social Workers.

We also take the extra time to match personalities that fit. Our goal is to provide a care team that you like and trust and to try to keep the same care team in place throughout the duration of your requirement.

What makes Qualicare unique?

Qualicare is called a “Family homecare Service” because we consider and balance the needs of the entire family. When we provide care to specific people or patients, we also have the other family members and family caregivers in mind.

Our customized care plans also consider cooperation and directions from the entire medical team including family doctors, medical specialists, hospital discharge nurses and CCAC services.

Most important is our "Nurse Managed Care". Every case is managed by an RN or RPN called a Personal Care Manager (PCM). Your Qualicare Personal Care Manager is available to you, when and wherever you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a family member in need of Palliative care, how can Qualicare help?

Qualicare Toronto offers palliative care at home. Our experienced and compassionate nurses and caregivers are experts at helping families through this difficult transition. We form a supportive team, led by a palliative doctor. Together, we care for the patient and their family in a comfortable, familiar environment. We can help arrange beds, equipment, care, transportation and in home nursing.

Can Qualicare help with homecare after an auto injury?

Auto insurance claims can be very complicated. Always seek advice from a lawyer following any auto injury. You may be eligible for benefits even if you are not the vehicle owner or policy holder.

We are very experienced with Ontario (SABS) Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. Qualicare Toronto is a registered service provider with (HCAI) Health Claims for Auto Insurance. Ontario auto insurance policies may cover homemaker services, attendant care, appointment transportation, therapies or equipment. We will coordinate all services with your insurance company and lawyer while also satisfying their documentation and reporting requirements. Our goal is to help you maximize your benefits under your policy or claim.

As usual, we also add the Qualicare personal care and compassion because we know that you are not just a claim number.