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Pharmacare - A National Prescription Drugs Strategy

Posted by Steve Jones

Wed, Oct 8, 2014

Does Canada Need A Prescription Drug Strategy?

The word "Pharmacare" automatically sends the political right and left to their respective corners for a predictable battle of ideologies. Most people automatically assume that "Pharmacare" means a government run prescription insurance plan. Let's just call it a "Prescription Drug Strategy" and start a dialogue with open minds about improving one aspect of our healthcare system.

This Canadian Press article published by the CBC points out that a national policy could cover a wide variety of scenarios including bulk drug buying, tendering for generic drugs, collaboration between government and business insurance plans or collaboration between the provinces.

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According to the Canadian Press and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development:

  • Estimated 10% of Canadians are unable to fill prescriptions because of the expense
  • Canada has the second highest per capita spending on prescription drugs in the OECD
  • The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions says we could save $11.4 billion a year in lower drugs costs

Call growing louder for national prescription drug plan by TheCanadianPress