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The Impact Music Therapy Has on the Elderly | Qualicare Toronto South

The Impact Music Therapy Has on the Elderly | Qualicare Toronto South

Are you feeling as though you are slowly losing your loved one’s memory to Alzheimer’s disease? While there is currently no cure, there are therapies that can help improve quality of life. 

Our in-home care providers at Qualicare – Toronto South want to share some insight about a particular type of therapy—music therapy.

Music Boosts Brain Activity

As soon as the word “dementia” is used, many people worry about all the memories and faces that will one day be lost. However, through music, some people with dementia are able to stave off some memory loss and maintain quality of life.

Let’s look at ways music therapy can help to improve quality of life and cognitive function in your loved one with dementia.

For starters, songs that resonate with your loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can help to bring old memories to the surface. Since music can remind a loved one about a certain emotional event, music can help him or her recall a certain time that song brings him or her back to. 

In addition, if you use songs when having your loved one participate in certain activities, it can help to bring back memories of that activity when the song is played again over time.

Second, music therapy is a wonderful way to stay connected with your loved one diagnosed with dementia, even if his or her memory of you is fading. Because your loved one is still able to enjoy music, it can open an opportunity for you to reach your loved one and still make memories with him or her.

Third, music therapy can help to improve your loved one’s mood and mental health. Those with dementia often develop depression, anxiety and agitation. 

But music can help your loved remain calm and positive. Therefore, music is a wonderful way to help make a stressful day more enjoyable by all!

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