Your Guide to St. Michael’s Hospital

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Posted by Steve Jones

Wed, Jan 22, 2014

St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto is a medical centre and teaching hospital of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine located in the central area of the city. Built with a mandate to take care of sick and under-privileged people living in Toronto’s inner city, St. Michael’s Hospital has evolved into a multidisciplinary medical facility.

St. Michael’s Hospital

30 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8, Canada



The Sisters of St. Joseph founded St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto in 1892, using an old baptist church, in order to care for poor people living in the south end of Toronto. It was originally opened with a 26 bed capacity staffed by six doctors and four nurses, St. Michael’s quickly expanded to include two large wards and an emergency room. Receiving students as early as 1894, St. Michael’s officially affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine in 1920, a partnership that continues to this day.


St. Michael’s Hospital provides tertiary and quaternary services in cardiovascular surgery, therapeutic endoscopy, neurosurgery and general inner city health services.

Foundation Fundraising

The St. Michael’s Foundation raises public donations to assist the St. Michael’s Hospital funding efforts, attracting the necessary resources to enhance medical facilities while providing care, conducting research, and delivering an education to the doctors and nurses of tomorrow.


St. Michael’s Hospital is the proud partner the St. Michael’s Foundation, the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, the University Health Network, the Hospital for Sick Children and several medical facilities and hospitals throughout the greater Toronto area.

Career Opportunities

St. Michael’s Hospital’s core values sets it apart from other hospitals and health care facilities and cultures a working environment that produces dedicated and talented members of a complete staff, from cleaners to doctors, that understand that their efforts make a difference in the community and the lives of patients. Find out about current career opportunities at St. Michael’s on their job board.

Services for Seniors

The palliative care unit (PCU) focuses on managing distressing symptoms, such as nausea, pain and breathing issues, to ensure comfort and treatment plans when cures aren’t possible or readily available. St. Michael’s 10 bed PCU is built to service senior patients and their families during necessary hospital stays.

St. Michael’s also has specialized clinics for both memory and geriatric psychiatry services, providing a more complete set of care possibilities for elderly patients.


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