When a Parent Moves Back Home

Posted by Steve Jones

Fri, Aug 28, 2015

Sometimes it comes as a surprise, youre often expecting your son or daughter might want to move back home, but it could turn out being your mom or dad who moves home first. A sudden stroke or medical issue can lead to a parent moving in, in need of some extra support. It can be a tough transition but also a very positive one for the whole family. Multigenerational homes are on the rise and when a parent needs support, its comforting to have them close by. Here are some things to remember when a parent moves into your house.

Communicate openly

This is important for everyone in the household. Your parent needs to be clear and open about what kind of support they need and you need to be open about the care that you can provide. It can be a difficult emotional hurdle, but when youre both clear about what is needed, everyone will get the help that they need.

Is your household ready?

Before mom or dad moves into the house, make sure that your home is safe for seniors. Our earlier blog post, Ways to Help Your Senior Live Safely at Home, gives some tips on how to make sure your home is a safe space for your parent. Whether this means removing clutter or installing handrails, make sure everyone in the family understands what needs to be done to create a safe space.

Work together as a family

This could be a very important teaching moment for your children. When a grandparent moves home, kids can learn a lot about respect and support within the household. Whether its completing some extra chores, helping grandma or grandpa with mobility issues, or just simply being social with their elders, its important that everyone in the family plays their part. Its a great opportunity to learn and grow closer as a family.

Child Reading a Newspaper and an Elderly Man on a Laptop

Think about the finances

Before a parent moves in, make sure you weigh all the financial options and obligations. If you need to make some changes to make your house more accessible (wheelchair ramps or handrails), these expenses should be carefully considered. The Ontario Assistive Devices program can help with certain pieces of equipment or supplies, and its important to weigh all of your options financially when making this transition.

You’re not a superhero

Everyone wants to provide care for their parents but when you need to raise your kids, go to work and meet all of your other obligations, it can sometimes be very taxing. Remember that youre not a superhero, and no one can single-handedly provide 24-hour support. Dont be afraid to ask for help from friends or family members and be honest with yourself about the time and care that you can provide. If you feel you need extra assistance, a part-time personal support worker can help care for your parent when you are at work, or need to go out and leave the house.

When you love your parents and they need some extra support, having them live with you is often the ideal scenario. If you have any questions about care-giving for a parent, seniors needs at home, or hiring a personal support worker, feel free to contact us at Qualicare Etobicoke and were happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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