Toronto Home Care Digest for Feb 2, 2014

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Posted by Steve Jones

Sun, Feb 2, 2014

The latest home health care tips, news, and updates!

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Guide to Mount Sinai Hospital

Toronto boasts some of the best hospital facilities and services in Canada and the world. Our blog often provides information about these great hospitals located right in our own backyard. Mount Sinai is part of an internationally recognized group of hospitals operating in countries all over the world. The Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto location is a 446 bed facility and academic health sciences centre. Affiliated with the University of Toronto, Mount Sinai is dedicated in their mission to deliver the best patient experience and medicine available, with a focus on family-centered care, leading-edge research, and innovative education. Read More

Guide to St. Michael’s Hospital

The Sisters of St. Joseph founded St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto in 1892, using an old baptist church, in order to care for the poor in the south end of Toronto. It was originally opened with 26 beds and staffed by six doctors and four nurses. Today, St. Michael’s Hospital is the proud partner with the St. Michael’s Foundation, the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, the University Health Network, the Hospital for Sick Children and several medical facilities and hospitals throughout the greater Toronto area. St. Michael’s Hospital provides tertiary and quaternary services in cardiovascular surgery, therapeutic endoscopy, neurosurgery and general inner city health services. Read More

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Liberals transforming health care on the backs of seniors

Sue-Ann Levy of the Toronto Sun takes hard shots at Mathews and the Liberals. She says, “In a highly, shall we say, creative 30-minute speech ” interspersed with photos projected on a screen of Matthews wearing her concerned face as she met sick Ontarians ” she told us Ontario not only has a excellent health-care system but they (meaning Matthews and her Liberal team) are busting the tremendous amount of turf-protection in the system and providing responsive, innovative, patient-centred care.” (Insert laugh track here.)”

Ontario vows to introduce advocates office for health-care complaints

Kelly Grant – HEALTH REPORTER of The Globe and Mail says “Ontarians who have a bad brush with the health-care system will soon be able to take their complaints to a new patient advocate” Health Minister Deb Matthews promised on Monday that her government will establish a province wide, third-party office to which patients can appeal when they are not satisfied with their treatment at hospitals and other health facilities.

Real time data and patient focused apps featured at Mobile Healthcare Summit

Attendees at theToronto Mobile Health Summit got a chance to see the ways physicians and hospitals are now using real-time data to take better care of patients. Dr Wadea Tarhunipresented the Cardiophone, a real-time cardiac monitoring device.Oculys Health Informatics ” and two collaborating hospitals ” described technology developed for real-time monitoring of patient flow through hospitals, and emergency department wait times.

Providence Healthcares adult day program got a $160,000-a-year boost

CEO Josie Walsh said Providence, which has 1,400 staff and volunteers on its campus at St. Clair and Warden avenues, had just concluded the largest consultation in its history, and in January approved a new vision with an emphasis on outpatient programs and supporting people at home.


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