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Posted by Steve Jones

Fri, Nov 22, 2013

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5 Myths About Diabetes

November 14th was World Diabetes Day. As with many illnesses and diseases, education is one of the biggest forces in preventative medicine for diabetes. Every year, diabetes is a contributing factor to over 40,000 deaths in Canada each year. Let’s get educated and lower that number.

Seniors and Exercise – a Vital Combination

As people grow older, staying strong, energetic and healthy can become more complicated. As we age, our bodys metabolism naturally slows, which is why it is difficult for seniors to maintain a healthy weight.

Qualicare Toronto Offers eBook Living Well with Alzheimers Disease.

Qualicare Toronto, a leading senior care agency in Toronto, has published a new eBook,”Living Well with Alzheimers Disease, and is offering it free to the public. This 38-page eBook focuses on living well with Alzheimers disease, not just living with it. Written for those who are newly diagnosed with Alzheimers disease and for family caregivers, the eBook contains valuable information for anyone with an interest in this devastating disease.


Why I Thanked a Caregiver

My older sister Linda Goyer Lane is part of the “sandwich generation”– people who care for their aging parents while simultaneously supporting children of their own. When my parents began needing 24 hour care about a year and a half ago, Linda stepped up to help me care for them in a big way. She and her two sons (one in high school and one in college) have all made sacrifices to care for Mom and Dad as she began traveling to Arizona for one or two weeks at a time to join in their care.

Researchers dig deeper for Alzheimer’s cure

Imagine that you live in a house with dozens of holes in the roof, says Dr. Dale Bredesen, an expert in degenerative brain diseases and Alzheimer’s in particular. “And when it rains, the floor gets wet,” he says. You can repair one hole, but it’s not going to keep the place dry – you’ve got to repair all of them. The same could be said for Alzheimer’s.

Caregiver shares why support is crucial

Marion Dewar is the primary caregiver for her husband, John Dewar, who has had Alzheimer’s disease for about three years. It’s not an easy role for her, or anyone who cares for a relative with a dementia-related condition. But meeting a particular group of people changed that for Dewar.


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