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Posted by Steve Jones

Fri, Dec 27, 2013

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How to Develop a Relationship with Your Personal Support Worker

A Personal Support Worker (PSW) provides many layers of care for elderly clients. Between helping with personal hygiene, administering medication and household cleaning, a PSW can be involved in almost every facet of a client’s life. That’s why it’s important to develop a solid relationship with PSWs working around the home and in care facilities.

6 Benefits of Hospital Support

Emergencies, accidents and even scheduled surgeries can put the elderly in the hospital for days or weeks at a time. While under the care of nurses and doctors, these people receive top-notch healthcare, but little thought is put towards what comes after their discharge from a medical facility.

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Doctors weigh in on 2013s biggest medical breakthroughs

A bionic eye. Scalpel-free brain surgery. And technology that enables donor lungs to continue breathing outside the body so they can be repaired before transplant. Those were among the biggest medical breakthroughs in 2013, which will significantly impact patient care. the Toronto Star reached out to local doctors to find out what they considered the top breakthrough of the year. Here are their picks.

Food Spy: New Years Eve Eats

While some of us are perfectly happy spending New Years Eve on our couches, watching the ball drop and drinking wine from a box, we understand this isnt everyones idea of a good time. For those of you who plan on donning pants and actually partying in public, here are your options (arranged in order of affordability).

Neuron regeneration may help sufferers of brain injury, Alzheimers disease

Researchers at Penn State have developed an innovative technology to regenerate functional neurons after brain injury and also in model systems used for research on Alzheimers disease. The scientists have used supporting cells of the central nervous system, glial cells, to regenerate healthy, functional neurons, which are critical for transmitting signals in the brain.


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