The Toronto Home Care Digest for August 23, 2013

The Toronto Home Care Digest August 23, 2013

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8 Myths of the Ontario Health Care System

Education is the best medicine to debunk myths about Ontario health care and the Canada health care system. Here are 8 myths you may have heard, and the straight talk you may not have heard.

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Sleep Routines Can Ease the Burden of Dementia Care

Providing dementia care may mean sleepless nights for the people we look after and for us. Whether our loved ones panic about the possibility of needing to go to the ER or frequently wake up disoriented, dementia-related behavior and symptoms disturb sleep.

Personal Support Workers Also Provide Hospital Support

As a family caregiver, we may recall hospital experiences that included long wait times or endless form-filling. These unfavorable times colour our opinions about the kind of care our loved ones received in hospital. Fortunately, there is help with hospital support.


Ontario courst rules in favor of government in physiotherapy dispute

Older Woman With Beret

An Ontario court has ruled that the provincial government can move forward with its plans to overhaul the way physiotherapy is provided to seniors.

Health officials turn sights on reducing wait time for CT scans

Ottawa hospitals have some astonishingly excellent numbers when it comes to wait times, says Ontarios minister of health and long-term care. But there are some that are not good enough, Deb Matthews said in an interview Thursday.

Ontario hospitals divulge 36 incidents last year where medication mistakes led to harm or death

Ontario hospitals divulged 36 incidents last year where medication-related mistakes led to patients suffering severe harm or even death, according to a new report that offers a rare snapshot of health-care error ” and the dire consequences it can have for patients.

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