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Are you feeling as though you are slowly losing your loved ones memory to Alzheimers disease. Our in-home care providers at Qualicare ” Toronto South want you to know that a certain type of therapy might be able to help boost your loved ones brain activity. This therapy is known as music therapy.

Music Boosts Brain Activity

As soon as the word dementia is used, many people often worry about all the memories and faces that will one day be lost. However, through music, the memories that might be lost could soon be found.

Lets look at ways music therapy can help to improve the quality of life and cognitive function in your loved one with dementia.

For starters, songs that resonate with your loved one diagnosed with Alzheimers disease can help to bring old memories to the surface. Since music can help remind a loved one about a certain emotional event, music can help a loved one to recall a certain time that song brings him or her back to.

In addition, if you use songs when having your loved one participate in certain activities, it can help to bring back memories of that activity when they song is played again over time.

Second, music therapy is a wonderful way to stay connected with your loved one diagnosed with dementia, even if his or her memory of you is fading. Because your loved one is still able to enjoy music, it can open an opportunity for you to reach your loved one and still grow close memories with him or her.

Third, music therapy can help to improve your loved ones mood. When your loved one suffers with dementia, he or she can grow frustrated quickly not knowing where your loved one is or who he or she is around. However, music can help to move his or her mood from anger and frustration to calm and relaxed. Therefore, music is a wonderful way to help make a stressful day more enjoyable by all!

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