Pharmacare – A National Prescription Drugs Strategy

Posted by Steve Jones

Wed, Oct 8, 2014

Does Canada Need A Prescription Drug Strategy?

The word “Pharmacare” automatically sends the political right and left to their respective corners for a predictable battle of ideologies. Most people automatically assume that “Pharmacare” means a government run prescription insurance plan. Let’s just call it a “Prescription Drug Strategy” and start a dialogue with open minds about improving one aspect of our healthcare system.

This Canadian Press article published by the CBC points out that a national policy could cover a wide variety of scenarios including bulk drug buying, tendering for generic drugs, collaboration between government and business insurance plans or collaboration between the provinces.

Prescription Drug Program

According to the Canadian Press and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development:

  • Estimated 10% of Canadians are unable to fill prescriptions because of the expense
  • Canada has the second highest per capita spending on prescription drugs in the OECD
  • The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions says we could save $11.4 billion a year in lower drugs costs

Call growing louder for national prescription drug plan by TheCanadianPress


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