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Posted by Steve Jones

Mon, Dec 2, 2013

In a world where autonomy is sought after, celebrated, rewarded, and clung to, an oxymoron exists. As hard as it can be to admit, we weren’t meant to go it alone. Equally hard to admit is the fact that it’s our vulnerabilities which truly makes us human, and celebrating this aspect of our existence can bring a freedom not known or experienced within a life lived to the contrary. Not only does acknowledging our need with a willingness to reach out for help bring relief on a multitude of levels, there are those whose life’s purpose is carried out by meeting the needs of others.

Personal care workers are such types of people. Their humble acts of service elevates not only the person receiving the care, but themselves as well – and it’s for this reason, either as giver or receiver, we’re equally positioned to serve one another.

“Caring for those who cannot care for themselves is what gives my life meaning and purpose.” ~Susan, a personal care worker since 1989

As we age, we’re often aware of our increasing limitations; however, it’s never easy to admit our need for help. Not being able to do certain tasks or take part in activities once considered enjoyable can trigger a resolve that perpetuates a sense of helplessness, and consequently, further isolation can result. Of course, this need not nor should not occur.

Family members, friends, and those who’ve made their life’s profession aiding those in need, are willing to be the helping hand you seek, and simply picking up the phone is all it would take to bring relief. If you or your loved one seeks to maintain the quality of life and connection we tend to take for granted in times of health and independence, but are finding certain activities increasingly burdensome, a personal support worker may be the answer.

How Personal Support Workers Can Help

It’s a harsh reality that we begin to lose the ability to do things we’ve always taken for granted, but hopefully, you can take some comfort knowing you’re not alone. It’s a fact of life, especially today, as the boomer generation is living longer than ever, the need for assistance has grown exponentially as well. To offer respite, personal care workers are those who are willing to help.

Whether it’s simple activities of daily living such as assistance with personal care, meal planning and preparation or housekeeping to companionship services like providing rides to club meetings, appointments or shopping, home care via a personal care worker can bridge the gap between independence and isolation. Making the call is the first (and often, the hardest) first step.

In our effort to serve you, we offer a Caregiver’s Checklist to provide helpful insight into the areas you or your loved one might require assistance. Download it FREE today.


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