Mississauga Hospital and Trillium Health Partners Review CT Scans

Posted by Jeff Durish

Wed, Jan 8, 2014

In 2013, Trillium Health Partners ordered an external expert review of mammograms and CT scans after a local radiologist was found to have performance issues on the job. In early December, the results of that review were announced, concerning previous work at both Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre (Etobicoke).

Dr. Brian Yemen, the external expert hired for the review, released his findings to Trillium Health Partners (which includes Mississauga Hospital, Queensway Health Centre and other healthcare facilities) in a letter containing conclusions from his examination. After a detailed assessment of 3,537 CT and mammogram scans, which also included physician-facilitated medical chart reviews, Dr. Yemen found that medical follow up and some necessary patient retesting was required.

Review Findings

Dr. Yemen made the following conclusions after the completion of his expert review:

  • 11 patients receiving scans, 0.3% of the total 3,537 scans reviewed, were identified as having experienced a clinically significant event not previously detected by the original radiologist and required additional testing.
  • 8 additional patients with improper CT or mammogram scan findings were properly diagnosed by tests and clinical evaluations through other branches of the health system.
  • 3 patients involved in the external review were properly identified, resulting in a diagnosis and are now receiving related healthcare.
  • In approximately 99.4% of all 3,537 scans the patients in question did not have clinically significant events.

According to Dr. Dante Morra, Chief of Staff at Trillium Health Partners, the primary focus of the review was to make absolutely sure that patients in Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre receive the proper care in a safe environment. He went on to add that the external expert review was specific to the performance of one individual radiologist and the involved Trillium Health Partners would strengthen quality assurance of all scans by implementing formal peer review programs within radiology departments.

The original review parameters were expanded beyond CT scans and mammograms to include x-rays and ultrasound tests as well. Dr. Yemen found no clinically significant events among reviewed patients, determining that those modalities (x-rays and ultrasound tests) didn’t require any further investigation. As a result of his finding, Dr. Yemen informed Mississauga Hospital, Queensway Health Centre and Trillium Health Partners that he had concluded his external review.

Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO at Trillium Health Partners sincerely apologized to all patients who had delayed diagnosis and treatments as a result of the radiologist’s work, adding thanks to patients, their families and the local community for their support and understanding through the months-long review.

The affected health care facilities notified all patients and physicians with case by case updated results throughout the external review process and decided to keep the Patient and Physician Access Lines open to the end of the year to manage additional inquiries and concerns from those involved.

Patients in the Mississauga and Etobicoke regions, including clients of Qualicare, can remain confident that any x-ray, mammogram, ultrasound or CT scan conducted in their communities will be done with professionalism and high quality controls.

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