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I received a call the other day from a woman who was frustrated and and flustered because she couldn’t find an Ontario-based home health care service that provides complex care packages and customized solutions for her needs. Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Many people who would benefit from homecare services don’t take action because they assume the government-run CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) is their only option or they are afraid that they’ll pay for services they don’t need or won’t get services they do need.

Although we work with every individual to create the perfect care plan for them, there are a few general levels of services we provide:

Companion Care

Mrs. Loreaux is 86 years old. Her husband passed away two years ago. She remains independent and capable so she does not qualify for government-provided in-home support from the Toronto Central CCAC. However, housework can sometimes be challenging due to her advancing arthritis and she gets lonely by herself.

Once a week, a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Carol, comes to her home and accompanies her during grocery shopping and to the hair salon. Carol makes her lunch and sometimes stays to play cards for the afternoon. Carol also does light housekeeping, changes the linens, and helps Mrs. Loreaux plan her meals and schedule for the week. Finally, Carol has regular contact with Mrs. Loreaux’s children, filling them in on the state of her health, her capabilities, and any concerns she has.

Personal Care

Since his cancer treatments began a year ago, Mr. Li has been receiving government-provided CCAC personal support for two hours per week. His wife is not physically able to help him do everything he needs and the two hours of government assistance has never been enough. Mr. and Mrs. Li want to remain in their home so they arranged for a Qualicare PSW to visit every morning from 8am to noon. She helps him bathe, goes with him for short walks around the neighbourhood, monitors his medications and makes sure he stays hydrated and appropriately fed.

This makes Mrs. Li feel more comfortable about continuing to live in their home, and she knows she has a friend and supporter in her care for her husband.

Nursing Coordination Services

Ms. Roy is 76 years old and has been diagnosed with cancer. Her children are spread out across Ontario and can’t provide continued care for her. They’re also having trouble coordinating her care between the providers involved in her treatment.

They’ve hired both an RN (Registered Nurse) and a PSW to manage her care. The PSW cares for her daily needs, including cooking, bathing, mobility, and companionship. The RN oversees the medical care plan and helps manage Ms. Roy’s pain by making sure she is taking the right dosage, at the right time, and in the right way. She also accompanies Ms. Roy to her doctor’s appointments and helps with communications between her family, CCAC case manager, clinics, doctors, and oncologist.

Ms. Roy has always been the moral and spiritual cornerstone of the family. She feels very good knowing that her children can care for her without having to uproot their own jobs and families to look after her. She is living life with pride and dignity and continues to be a role model for her grandchildren.

Complex Personal Care

Mrs. Park was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. She has requested to remain at home and requires more complex care as her needs increase. Her illness and treatments leave her weak and unable to perform many daily tasks by herself. Mrs. Park and her family receive support from the Toronto Central Hospice Palliative Care Network and they also rely upon Qualicare to help with some of the more complex aspects of her needs.

With a nurse managed care plan and 24-hour on-call nurse support, Mrs. Park is able to remain in her home more comfortably than she might otherwise be in a hospice or palliative care facility. As a part of her nature, she does not always accept help easily. In the home setting, her adult children and sister visit frequently and they are integrated into the care plan so that each member contributes in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable with their responsibilities and level of commitment. A PSW lives in the apartment with Mrs. Park and the family is relieved knowing there is always a caregiver whom their mother trusts to fulfillcare for her daily needs.

The PSW communicates with the RN daily, updating her on issues. The RN then coordinates with the family, community services and healthcare professionals to stay on top of her needs and comfort.

There Are Always Options

Because of the flexibility in Qualicare’s care plans, clients get exactly the services they require when they require them. Our philosophy of nurse managed care allows for customized services ranging from occasional assistance to total care.

Dont become frustrated and flustered trying to coordinate multiple disjointed service providers. Call Qualicare, Ontarios home health care service that provides complex care packages and customized solutions for all your needs. Download the free checklist below to get a head start on a care plan for you or your loved one.


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