Five Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Live-in Caregiver

Posted by Steve Jones

Sun, Aug 30, 2015

Nurse Providing Medication to Elderly Patient

Perhaps its time to consider a live-in caregiver for a loved one? How do you know that a live-in caregiver is the right option? When is the right time? Here are five things you should consider before hiring a live-in caregiver:

Does a loved one need a live-in caregiver?

When we start to worry about the needs of a loved one, it could be time to reach out for extra help. A live-in caregiver is an option if someone you know needs assistance with one or more of the following:

  • Dressing and bathing
  • Using the washroom
  • Cooking meals
  • Loneliness
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Medication

The most common misconception about live-in care, is that caregivers are working and providing assistance 24 hours a day. This is not the case. Though they are living in the house, caregivers still need time off and time to themselves. A live-in care giver is there to provide assistance and help with daily tasks, but must be able to leave the house and take their time off.

If youve found yourself thinking about the needs of a loved one and think they might need extra support, it might be time to hire a live-in caregiver.

2. Short term, long term or permanent?

Depending on the condition of a loved one, sometimes it may only be necessary to have a caregiver for a few days, sometimes the need is much longer.

If the primary caregiver is going away for a brief period of time, hiring a short-term live-in caregiver is an easy option to aid a loved one in the meantime.

If a family member has recently experienced a traumatic incident, like a stroke or a heart attack, hiring a live-in care giver can provide them the help they need to get back to their daily routine. Often live-in caregivers travel with them from the hospital to their home and aid with the transition back to daily life.

Long-term and permanent live-in caregivers may be helpful when a relative is experiencing later stages of Alzheimers or if they need help and companionship when living alone.

3. Where will the live-in caregiver stay?

After youve established the need for a live-in caregiver and the length of time for which theyre needed, its important to consider the space available. When a caregiver moves into the home, they require their own private room.

The Government of Ontario outlines the requirements for hiring a live-in caregiver here and here. These requirements include wages, hourly work requirements and necessary forms.

If there is not enough space to accommodate an in-home caregiver, other options like a long-term care facility should be considered.

4. Should I use the Canadian Foreign Live-in Caregiver program?

If you are not able to find a Canadian live-in caregiver, you may apply to use the Canadian Foreign Live-in Caregiver program.

The Canadian government approves visas for foreign live-in caregivers provide care in Canada. Foreign caregivers are highly trained and must complete a six month training program in order to be approved to provide care in Canada. If you are looking to hire foreign caregivers, the Canadian government provides guidelines about the necessary steps.

5. What is the caregiver like?

If a caregiver is moving into the home of a loved one, its important that they are trusted. You can meet with the caregiver beforehand and make sure that they are the right fit. Hiring a caregiver should always be done through a reputable agency that will conduct a rigorous and professional evaluation and screening process to make sure caregivers have the right credentials and personality.

For the safety of a loved one, it may be time to consider hiring live-in assistance.

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