Etobicoke General Employee Giving Campaign Takes Off

William Osler Health System Foundation

Posted by Steve Jones

Sat, Sep 27, 2014

This week is dedicated to employee engagement at Etobicoke General Hospital. The William Osler Health System Foundation has created an in-hospital opportunity for employees to stand up and declare their support for their patients, for the hospital, and for each other.

On Monday, September 29, the annual employee giving campaign begins. It’s the kick-off event for improvements and services in the Etobicoke facility, where every employee gets a chance to share goals and their vision for the place where employees spend a good chunk of their time. This year Qualicare is sponsoring the campaign with a donation to the Foundation, but more importantly as volunteers throughout the week. We’ll be on site all week long with snacks, gifts prizes and big smiles to show our thanks and appreciation for employees of the hospital. It’s going to be a fun week!

What’s Your Vision for Your Workplace?

What kind of a workplace would you like to have? What would make it pleasant, and even exciting, to come to work? The Employee Giving Campaign at Etobicoke General Hospital offers an opportunity for employees to make their work environment what they want it to be. It’s a painless way for employees to help improve the hospital through regular payroll donations.

As the community, we have a shared responsibility and interest with the employee’s in supporting our local hospital. After all, when we need healthcare, we want our hospital be the absolute best it can be.

EVERY dollar donated by employees of Etobicoke General will go directly toward improvements at the Rexdale location. Other WOHS hospitals will have their own campaigns for employee giving. Next week is Etobicoke General’s opportunity to shine.

As community partners and patients (past present and future) we can help Etobicoke General employees make a difference by setting up our own regular donations to William Osler Foundation. You don’t need to be an employee to participate. Sign up here to help. It’s convenient, affordable and simple.

EGH delivers a wide range of valuable outpatient and inpatient services. Almost 70,000 patients visit the emergency department annually. If you are like me and grew up in Etobicoke there’s a pretty good chance that you or a family member are one of the 2,600 babies delivered each year or benefited from one of the 14,700 surgeries.

As a community, we can help participate in the shared vision for current $4.2 million dollar renovation and the new four storey wing.

Qualicare Etobicoke is committed to serving our community in many ways. We love the WOHS tag line…

“Respect, Passion, Teamwork, Innovation”

We think it says it all. Please join us as community partners in making health and health care in Etobicoke the best it can be. And if you are in the hospital this week, take a moment to reach out your hand to an employee (any employee) and say thank you for your service.


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