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About Qualicare Southwest Indiana

Qualicare is dedicated to professionally and compassionately guiding families through the complexities of managing their healthcare – particularly during times of medical crisis. We provide consistent, individual attention to ensure our clients get the best care possible.

We focus on the entire health picture to provide holistic care. Whether located in a private home, retirement home, or hospital we provide exceptional care so family members can spend time "caring", rather than "providing care".

Qualicare is a private homecare company specializing in managing care so that it is complete and exceptional.

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  • How does one recover speech after a stroke?

    Some stroke victims suffer from speech and language impairment after a stroke. Qualicare’s Care Team helps stroke victims recover speech using different therapies and treatments, including a short-term therapy called constrained-induced aphasia therapy. Rebuilding the variety of language skills that are needed for speech recovery can include:
    • Verbal communication training,
    • Language games,
    • Functional magnetic resonance imaging, and
    • Transcranial magnetic stimulation, to name a few.
  • What are the best stroke recovery exercises?

    There are many exercises that a stroke patient can do to assist with recovery. At Qualicare, our care team will assess the stroke victim’s physical and mental abilities to provide an individualized rehabilitation plan that includes the right exercises for each phase of recovery.

    Regardless of the type of exercise being done, repetition is the most important. Repetition activates neuroplasticity that will help you rewire your brain for recovery after an injury or a stroke. The new connections in your brain that are being formed will contribute to your recovery and help restore movement in various parts of your body. Some specific exercises that you can do include:

    Arm exercises:

    Place your hand on a table and use your non-affected hand to:

    • Slide your hand back and forth,
    • Squeeze a bottle,
    • Drop and coin on a table and pick it back up,
    • Bicep curls with a light weight or water bottle.

    Leg exercises:

    • Sit in a chair and lift your leg a few inches before returning it to the floor,
    • Kick your leg outward from a seated position as if you are kicking a ball.

    Core exercises:

    • Sit in a chair and turn your upper body from side to side while controlling your torso,
    • Dip your left shoulder down towards your left hip, return upright, and then dip your right shoulder to your right hip.
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    "I found some really good people at Qualicare of Southwest Indiana who I call my friends."

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    "I know all the caregivers are great, and they all do a fantastic job"

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    "She immediately connected with Mom and seems to have brought her out of the shell she has been in the past few weeks."

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    "I overheard Mom say, "Marissa is just like one of the family"!!!!!"

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    "Always goes the extra mile and brings things for them every time!!!!"

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    "I appreciate the extra thought put into the selection of care-givers to meet the needs of care and the expectations I had."

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    "There is no doubt these ladies have a higher calling, evidenced by the care and compassion shown to our family."

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    "Qualicare has been a Godsend over the last several months."

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