Selecting a Homecare Agency

Woman with Elderly Loved One

Selecting a homecare agency for a loved one’s care is very challenging and requires great wisdom. We’re sorry that we’re not able to help but we hope the following approach will help. Of course if your needs are urgent, you won’t be able to be as thorough in your approach.

1. The key is to approach this as a quest – requiring a well thought-out plan, many steps in the process and, in some cases, doubling back and starting again. But when you finally find the right agency and caregiver, it’s like finding a treasure.

2. The most important step is to identify your needs and your priorities as specifically as possible - including how much you can afford.

3. Seek out the advice of medical professionals as well as friends who have gone through the experience.

4. Use specific web search terms such as “homecare for seniors with dementia in YourTown, USA” to find the agencies in your area. This improves the chances of narrowing down the list to qualified agencies.

5. Identify agencies that offer in-home assessments and present care plans based on that assessment. This can improve your decision because you can meet them and ask questions. And they can see the home environment and meet you and your family.

6. Select an agency that recommends a care plan that reflects your stated needs and financial ability. They should involve all family members in the planning and execution of the care.

7. If they recommend additional services, based on their assessment, listen carefully. But don’t make any decisions until you are confident in their ability and commitment to meet your needs.

8. If possible, select an agency that has a nurse or case manager who will select, train and monitor your caregivers and oversee your case.

  1. 9. At all times, remember that you are making a choice about a resource that will play a vital role in your life. You need to know and feel that it’s the right choice and your quest is over.

There are many other issues that you will need to consider, but this should give you a start. If you still have questions or concerns, we recommend finding someone in your area who knows your specific situation.

But if you’d like, you can contact us at 888.591.0017 and we’ll do our best to guide you.