"I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that the care and compassion that all of you have provided for our mom has been the best that we could expect."

Home Care Testimonials in San Diego

Qualicare fast-tracked me with my rehabilitation

“Qualicare had to assign someone that could handle a 6’4″ 200lb. man returning back home after being in the hospital and skilled nursing for almost two months. I’m grateful that Steve Kidwell (President-Owner) was able to match a caregiver that was attentive and could assist me in a caring and helpful way which fast-tracked me with my rehabilitation.”

Frank T. (Ret. Lt. Col. USMC) | Oceanside, CA

Qualicare provided the service I was looking for.

“Qualicare provided the service I was looking for. The caregiver was on time, knowledgeable and friendly. My 97 year old Grandma needed help taking a shower. The caregiver was extremely competent using safe practices and making sure my Grandma was comfortable the whole time. She was also friendly and flexible to help with anything else I needed. I would definitely recommend Qualicare for any in-home care needs.”

Dianne S. | Bonsall, CA

Thank you so much to all the staff of Qualicare that helped our family get through this time!

“On behalf of my family I highly recommend Qualicare Family Homecare. We used their services after I had surgery and needed help to care for myself and for my 3 children. From the beginning we were so pleased with the companies level of service and desire to tend to our every need. Throughout the entire time of using the companies services the owner of the company checked in with me to make sure our needs were being met with the caregivers. My children were able to connect with our caregiver and feel comfortable. I was able to rest and heal knowing they were in good hands. The caregiver also helped me with everything I needed as I was recovering in bed. I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you so much to all the staff of Qualicare that helped our family get through this time! We are forever grateful!”

Michelle D | San Marcos, CA

The level of quality at Qualicare is reflected from top down.

“Last year I suffered some serious injuries that required regular caregivers to come to my home. In a rush to set up services, I probably began with the first and second agency I called. (An unfortunate mistake due to circumstances) One was horrid, and in fact, later went out of business. The second was fair. A third was mixed in the quality of their workers (from good highly unprofessional and one who even stole from me!! With yet another worker, due to her personal problems, I felt I was “helping” HER at times more than she helping me!!) The management staff was also chaotic and unprofessional many times. I finally found Qualicare. I feel that after using several different home care companies, I certainly have some expertise in assessing them! The level of quality at Qualicare is reflected from top down. Mr. Kidwell is an excellent manager. He is also an excellent communicator who takes the time to listen carefully to your needs so that he can make the absolutely best match possible. I never felt a sense of chaos there or that I was hurried to speak to staff as they were running out the door to go home or to catch another client call. All of the staff I dealt with were consistently ethical, fair and professional. I would describe the different home care workers as probably “a cut above” many of those I found elsewhere. You should find satisfaction and confidence with this company for sure.””

L.E. | Carlsbad, CA

“Excellent service. Lovely young woman. Amazing care. I want her forever. I highly recommend qualicare to anyone and all my friends. I’m very happy!!!”

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