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As the family friend, I hold power of attorney for personal care of an elderly couple in their late 80’s, as their daughter lives out of the country. Previously in two different seniors’ residences, they now reside in their own apartment. Both suffer from mild dementia and cannot live independently. Other agencies attempted to place home care workers but failed because proper support for the caregiver and the family were missing.

From the start, Qualicare’s process was thorough and caring, leading to a successful placement and enhanced quality of life for the couple. Qualicare sent us a Nurse Case Manager who came on-site and conducted a 4.5 hour initial meeting with the community social worker and myself to set the stage. She helped the elder couple interview and to select an appropriate live-in caregiver.

Subsequently, Qualicare provided consistent, ongoing coaching and support, since the caregiver started working with the couple. In addition, through the paper work stage, the Qualicare’s office role was very thorough and professional, including providing seamless assistance with the paperwork associated with sponsoring the foreign worker, live-in caregiver. Although the daughter was remote, she was kept involved by being consulted and informed regularly, allowing her to feel involved and giving her the choice of making decisions and approving their progress.

Many weeks have already passed, I remain very impressed. The couple is doing well; they look like they are doing better and they have experienced positive physical changes. Their caregiver works effectively and demonstrates sincere care for the two challenging seniors. The wife receives support for her personal care and the caregiver also cooks, cleans, does laundry and accompanies the couple to the local seniors’ center, as well as to appointments and outings.

I personally have been involved with home care situations for my parents and for others and would recommend Qualicare to anyone in need. I was very gratified by their involvement.

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    "Qualicare coordinates all of the fine details of our needs"

    - Sari & Mitch S.

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    "From the start you were amazing!"

    - Beth E.

  • Qualicare

    "They are always ready and able to provide the support that you need"

    - Jo

  • Qualicare

    "Without the superb services provided by all members of her team, my husband’s recovery would not have been as complete."

    - E. Sokolove Fine

  • Qualicare

    "I am grateful for your help and would recommend your services to anyone needing assistance. Job well done!"

    - Lindy

  • Qualicare

    "Our Qualicare caregivers are attentive and caring"

    - Anne F.

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    "The Qualicare staff keeps me well informed."

    - Clare L.

  • Qualicare

    "I would highly recommend Qualicare to anyone"

    - Paul S.

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    "Their caregivers are kind, caring and enthusiastic."

    - Diana P.

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    "We have always found the management staff highly receptive to questions or comments."

    - Frances O.

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