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ALS Insights

Qualicare Supports the ALS Community

Qualicare has been deeply involved with the ALS community since before our beginning. Over the years, we have developed a special sensitivity to those with ALS and their families. We’ve helped people from the life-changing diagnosis through the wrenching adjustments to living with this new reality. As difficult as this condition is, we have continually seen stories of courage and growth as families cope with—and in some cases—surmount the impact of this disease. Through all of this, we’ve been there.

The goal of ALS Insights is to reach out to those who are starting on the ALS journey and, in a small way, to provide information, comfort, and strength through sharing stories and insights from ALS families and ALS professionals.

But it’s not just for those in the ALS community. These stories contain encouragement and insight that we can all use as we navigate life’s physical and emotional challenges.

ALS Resources

In this section, we provide a wide range of resources-from caregiving tips to ALS information to more stories from those who have been on the ALS Journey.

All about BiPAP

The BiPAP, a non-invasive ventilation device, has significantly improved the quality of life for many ALS patients. In this section, we provide detailed information on how it works.

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    "Our Qualicare caregivers are attentive and caring"

    - Anne F.

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    "The Qualicare staff keeps me well informed."

    - Clare L.

  • Qualicare

    "From the start you were amazing!"

    - Beth E.

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    "Without the superb services provided by all members of her team, my husband’s recovery would not have been as complete."

    - E. Sokolove Fine

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    "I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that the care and compassion that all of you at Qualicare Burlington have provided for our mom has been the best that we could expect."

    - Cynthia M.

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    "I am grateful for your help and would recommend your services to anyone needing assistance. Job well done!"

    - Lindy

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    "I would highly recommend Qualicare to anyone"

    - Paul S.

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    "We have always found the management staff highly receptive to questions or comments."

    - Frances O.

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    "Their caregivers are kind, caring and enthusiastic."

    - Diana P.

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    "They are always ready and able to provide the support that you need"

    - Jo

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