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We all need someone to lean on when it comes to trying to improve the quality of life for our loved one with Alzheimers disease. However, our in-home care providers at Qualicare ” Tri Cities want you to think of not who but what you can lean on to help boost memory skills in your loved one with dementia, such as music therapy.

How Music Therapy Can Help

Think about how music plays a role in your daily life. Have you ever been so stressed out that you roll the windows down and turn up the volume on your favorite song? Does it immediately help to put you at ease and lower your stress level? Then, consider the possibility music can have on your loved one, especially if he or she is living with dementia.

Lets look at three ways music can help to improve care and quality of life in loved ones diagnosed with dementia.

First, music therapy can help people with dementia keep hold of memories of people and past events associated with certain songs that bring about certain memories in your loved one, even years later. The specific song can help to increase your loved ones mood, as it can assist in helping him or her cope with depression that might have been caused by the dementia diagnosis.

Second, music therapy can help to improve speech and language skills in older loved ones with dementia. Although he or she might not be able to speak clearly, music can help your loved one in helping hum his or her favorite song, as well as slowing the process of losing the ability to speak due to the disease.

Finally, music can also help to bring about movement in your loved one. Even if it is just clapping or toe tapping, any movement in your loved one is movement in the right direction and helps to get your loved ones blood flowing!

Remember, the key is to find the music that resonates the most with your loved one to help gain the most benefit.

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