“Mom and dad are so much happier now that our new caregiver takes them outside and lets them really enjoy life. It’s really lifted a weight off our shoulders. Thank you Qualicare!”

Janett Aldermaine

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Elderly Companionship, Transportation & Emotional Care Services Port Coquitlam

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At Qualicare, we strive to improve our clients’ quality of life in whatever way we can. While other home care providers will focus primarily on the physical aspects of care, we know that emotional care is crucial to our mission.

As part of our 360° Approach, we incorporate emotional care into each client’s 360° Care Plan. This way, we’re always finding ways to make life more enjoyable and joyful.

Our Household and Personal Care Services

Make everyday life more manageable, comfortable, and enjoyable. Our caregivers offer a helping hand around the home and assist with activities of daily living.

Conversation & Companionship

Our emotional care services prevent isolation by providing clients with regular conversation, companionship, and personal interaction. We work carefully to pair each client with a compatible caregiver so that a strong and supportive relationship can develop.

Leisure Outings

Qualicare enriches the emotional life of our clients by coordinating leisure outings outside the home. This can include anything from a walk through the local park, to grabbing a cone at your favourite ice cream parlour, to paying a visit to family or friends.

During leisure outings, our care team can help coordinate transportation and provide accompaniment. In many cases, we will also provide or coordinate any other services that the client requires to make the outing possible.

Mindful Activities

Mental stimulation not only represents a key part of emotional care, it’s also crucial for personal well-being. At Qualicare, we provide clients with a range of mindful activities to keep them mentally stimulated and engaged.

Many of these activities are designed to accommodate specific conditions, including activities designed for clients coping with Alzheimer’s and others that encourage recovery after a brain injury.

Errand Services

At Qualicare, we know how important small, everyday errands can be to our clients. When clients struggle to perform these errands, daily life can lose its sense of comfort and joy. Favourite foods and toiletries are no longer around the home, and simple comforts like a freshly dry-cleaned shirt can disappear.

By performing errands on behalf of our clients, we allow these comforts to continue. We can make sure your home is always stocked with the items that matter most to you, including essential supplies as well as creature comforts.

Appointment Assistance

When age, illness, or injuries threaten a person’s independence, it’s hard to keep an active calendar. That can lead to missed appointments with medical professionals, physical therapists, and other specialists.

We’ll ensure you get to important appointments, and provide any necessary support. This can include coordinating transportation, providing physical and mental support, or having a Care Expert attend medical appointments to advocate for your best interests.

Have more specific questions?

Want to speak to a Care Expert about how to craft a custom home care plan for your loved one?

Have more specific questions?

Want to speak to a Care Expert about how to craft a custom home care plan for your loved one?

Care Stories

Providing great care to make things just a little easier for local families.

Reggie’s Story

See how the 360° Approach works for Reggie

Reggie came to Qualicare worried that his loss of mobility would keep him from the activities and people he loves. So we designed a 360° Care Plan to help Reggie keep his independence. Thanks to Qualicare, Reggie’s still playing at his local lawn bowling club, and he never misses his granddaughter’s dance recitals.

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