Decreased Mobility Doesnt Mean No Outdoors | Qualicare Tri Cities, BC

As we age, our mobility level often decreases. However, that doesnt mean were doomed to the inside of our homes for the remainder of our days. 

Our team at Qualicare Tri Cities wants to some share some tips on how to navigate the Great Outdoors even with limited mobility.

Embrace the Outdoors

When your loved one has low mobility, chances are that he or she will be a little hesitant to want to go outside. 

But because the outdoors offer a variety of health benefits, such as improved mood, lower risk of osteoporosis and heart disease, and longevity, its vital to try and get your loved one outdoors as much as possible.

Encourage Your Loved One to Get Outside

Since your loved one might not be as eager as you to get outside, here are some ways you can encourage him or her to want to be outdoors:

You can start by just having him or her read by an open window during a sunny day. By feeling the warmth of the sun on his or her face, your loved one will be able to get some of the positive effects of the outdoors. This way your loved one will start to feel more motivated to be outside.

You could even place a bird feeder right outside the window for your loved one to watch. 

Contemplate starting a small gardenwith your loved one. Not only will this help get your loved one outdoors, it will also give him or her something to check on and foster day in and day out. As the days change, so will the flowers and plants.

Being in touch with nature can really help to boost your loved ones overall health.

Dont just choose anyone to help care for your loved one. Find out how the in-home care providers at Qualicare Tri Citiesare different by giving us a call today! 


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