Homecare Services You Can Trust

For individuals in their last stages of life, it is imperative that they
are provided with palliative care that ensures the utmost comfort and
care. At Qualicare, we are honored by the responsibility and privilege
to care for a familys loved one as they pass on. Our personal care
managers can closely monitor symptoms and provide support 24/7 for the
individual and their family. It is important to enlist the help of a compassionate
caregiver who understands the nature of palliative care.

Providing Comfort to Clients & Their Families

Our personal care managers work collaboratively with clients primary
care physicians to anticipate symptoms and other medical conditions that
may accompany their final stages of life. Our
homecare service providers are trained to help the client cope with pain and discomfort in their
final days and make their passing as comfortable and dignified as possible.

Our nurse-managed caregivers may be able to provide the following services:

  • Maintain the individuals hygiene
  • Provide relaxation treatments
  • Offer companionship & support
  • Help with grieving family members

Our caregivers are experienced in supporting and caring for grieving family
members during this time as well. We never judge the family or their loved
one, but help them prepare for their passing in the healthiest way possible.
We aim to provide a calm, peaceful atmosphere for everyone involved.