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Homecare for Degenerative Disease

Providing Award-Winning Homecare Services

Degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and others are known for the toll they take on individuals and their loved ones.

Many patients with degenerative diseases require aid for:

  • Bathing / hygiene
  • Getting dressed
  • Making meals / getting fed
  • Moving around the home safely
  • Managing medications
  • Getting to and from therapy
  • Doing rehabilitative exercises

Managing care between so many medical professionals and therapists can be challenging. Most families simply don’t have the knowledge needed to coordinate their loved one’s care. As a degenerative disease continues to progress, increased amounts of medical care and monitoring will be necessary. Homecare can be a vital resource during this time.

The Importance of Homecare

Recent studies have shown that homecare can be very beneficial for individuals and their families, allowing them to manage degenerative diseases from home. At Qualicare, we provide families with the ability to cost-efficiently provide for their loved ones with effective, high-level healthcare management.

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    "Their caregivers are kind, caring and enthusiastic."

    - Diana P.

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    "Without the superb services provided by all members of her team, my husband’s recovery would not have been as complete."

    - E. Sokolove Fine

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    "Qualicare coordinates all of the fine details of our needs"

    - Sari & Mitch S.

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    "The Qualicare staff keeps me well informed."

    - Clare L.

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    "They are always ready and able to provide the support that you need"

    - Jo

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    "From the start you were amazing!"

    - Beth E.

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    "We have always found the management staff highly receptive to questions or comments."

    - Frances O.

  • Qualicare

    "Qualicare staff are kind, courteous, respectful and professional."

    - Michael D.

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    "I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that the care and compassion that all of you at Qualicare Burlington have provided for our mom has been the best that we could expect."

    - Cynthia M.

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    "I would highly recommend Qualicare to anyone"

    - Paul S.

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Every aspect of your loved one’s care will be handled by our healthcare management agency. We help your family navigate the complex healthcare system, serving as the liaison between therapists, nutritionists, insurance companies, physicians, specialists, and more.

We call this our 360° Case Management.

The advantage to our 360° Case Management is how we bring all elements of your loved one’s care under one coordinator—a Nurse Manager. Your experienced nurse will lead a support team that is available 24/7, handling all the details of your loved one’s care so you can provide the love and emotional support only family members can offer. More importantly, your loved one will receive consistent, high-quality care that is more effective and efficient thanks to our collaborative approach.

Call (888) 591-0017 to ask our caring nurses about how our degenerative disease care can help your loved one. Contact us today for a free consultation.