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Homecare Services for Specific Medical Needs

Qualicare understands that, as people age, their medical struggles require more resources. For elderly individuals, the obstacles involved with physical or mental degenerative diseases can be an emotional and mental burden to families. That’s why our homecare professionals provide care that is specialized to meet the specific medical and emotional struggles of our clients.

Qualicare’s homecare specialties include all types of degenerative diseases, palliative care, rehabilitation, and similar medical crises. Specialties may vary depending on location, so be sure to reach out to Qualicare today. Our experience with these illnesses means we know the best way to manage your loved one’s treatment, emotional support, monitoring, and care without sacrificing their dignity or independence.

Our Specialties

Why Having a Nurse Care Manager Matters

Through our homecare agency’s Nurse Manager, your loved one’s medical, emotional, rehabilitative, and mental care will be handled in a collaborative manner. Our nurses manage every aspect of your loved one’s care, coordinating between physicians, caregivers, therapists, and other professionals.

As a result, your loved one’s needs are met with quality and consistency of treatment. The collaborative nature of this arrangement ensures both continuity and synergy between the different branches of your loved one’s homecare. More importantly, because the time and detail-intensive parts of your family member’s care are handled for you, you are free to provide the support and love that only a family member can offer.

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    "Without the superb services provided by all members of her team, my husband’s recovery would not have been as complete."

    - E. Sokolove Fine

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    "The Qualicare staff keeps me well informed."

    - Clare L.

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    "Qualicare coordinates all of the fine details of our needs"

    - Sari & Mitch S.

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    "Our Qualicare caregivers are attentive and caring"

    - Anne F.

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    "We have always found the management staff highly receptive to questions or comments."

    - Frances O.

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    "I am grateful for your help and would recommend your services to anyone needing assistance. Job well done!"

    - Lindy

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    "Qualicare staff are kind, courteous, respectful and professional."

    - Michael D.

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    "I would highly recommend Qualicare to anyone"

    - Paul S.

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    "I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that the care and compassion that all of you at Qualicare Burlington have provided for our mom has been the best that we could expect."

    - Cynthia M.

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    "From the start you were amazing!"

    - Beth E.

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