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The 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

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1. Memory loss that affects day-to-day function
Forgetting things more often and not remembering them later, especially things that have happened more recently.

2. Difficulty with familiar tasks
Unable to complete familiar tasks such as preparing a simple meal or playing a favourite game.

3. Problems with speech.
Forgetting simple words or substituting words, making conversations difficult to understand

4. Disorientation of time or places
Losing track of dates, seasons, and the passage of time. Forgetting where they are or how they got there.

5. Decreased or poor judgement
Not recognizing a medical problem that needs attention or wearing heavy clothing on a hot day.

6. Challenges in planning or solving problems
Unable to follow a recipe or pay bills

7. Misplacing things
Putting things in inappropriate places. Accusing others of stealing.

8. Mood or behaviour changes
Exhibiting varied mood swings (from calm to tears to anger) for no apparent reason

9. Personality changes
Acting out of character: confused, suspicious, withdrawn or fearful

10. Loss of initiative
Becoming very passive and withdrawing from social activities

Contact us for a free, 1 hour in-home assessment with a Qualicare Ottawa case manager. We’ll answer your questions and help your family plan for the future. If you’re facing behaviours or issues related to dementia (including wandering, agitation, aggression, incontinence and falls) we can offer experienced advice and coping strategies for day to day activities.

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    "Their intense care was very helpful to my wife’s subsequent recovery."

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    "Our quality of life so much more comfortable."

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    "Thank you to the staff, office and front line, at Qualicare for taking care of our needs and for your compassion towards our difficult situation."

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    "She is THE BEST! She is AMAZING at her job and is FANTASTIC with the clients."

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    "We were so pleased with the attentive service given to our mother when she got out of hospital."

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    "They made it so very easy for both myself and my daughter."

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    "Already, I have seen improvements in their demeanor and general happiness."

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    "We are all very grateful for the compassionate quality care received."

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