Understanding Your Unique Health Options

Recognizing the uniqueness of each client is of paramount importance in
Qualicares homecare. In fact, we offer a specific Options Assessment, in which we perform a detailed assessment. The process is led by
a Nurse Manager, conducted at the clients location of choice. The
objective is to provide understandable options and guidance on taking
the next steps towards achieving determined healthcare goals.

Why Is an Assessment Important?

Our “Options Assessment” is helpful for people of all ages who
may be overwhelmed with medical challenges, frustrated with the currently
overburdened healthcare system, or simply in need guidance on choices
that are available. Our assessment is used to ensure people receive the
proper care they need to recover or stay independent and comfortable at
home. Families also find it helpful when a loved one is preparing to return
home from the hospital and they want to ensure their home is ready so
they can recover properly and don’t have any surprises with unexpected needs.

Loved ones and their families can participate in this one-hour session.
General health history is reviewed and priorities of the current healthcare
needs are addressed. Family dynamics, culture, environmental observations,
psychosocial abilities, strengths and weaknesses, past and current coping
skills, available supports, and resources are all discovered through direct
questioning and observation. This process is complemented with nursing
knowledge and expertise to develop realistic goals, treatment plans, and
potential courses of action.