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Theres no better time than summer to experience the beauty of the Great Outdoors.

Thats why our in-home care providers at Qualicare North York want to share some suggestions on how get in more time outside this year.

Anyone in the Mood for Outdoor Activities?

Lets take a look at ways enjoying the great outdoors can both improve your overall health, as well as make your days a little more enjoyable.

First, catching some vitamin D can help improve your health as you age by boosting your mood. When you get trapped at home, thinking you are unable to go outdoors due to limited mobility or fear of falling, you are increasing your risk of depression.

Therefore, consider ways you can get outdoors without going too far, such as enjoying a puzzle on the porch or starting a garden in the backyard.

Second, spending time outdoors can also help your loved one receive a better night sleep. As we age, our sleep becomes more important, especially since aging and certain medications can cause an increased risk of insomnia.

As a result, consider taking a walk around the neighborhoodor checking out a local museum to get a breath of fresh air right before bed.

Finally, outdoor activities can also help to build a stronger immune system, which can help older adults stay healthy and fend off illness.

Therefore, consider getting involved with more activities so that the vitamin D from the sun can help you stay healthier longer. From playing a game of golf to having a picnic with a loved one to playing a game of kick the can with the grandkids, getting outside can put you one step closer to slowing down the aging process.

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