Self-Care 101”You Are Important, Too! | Qualicare North York

Self-Care 101”You Are Important, Too! | Qualicare North York

Let’s face it”our to-do lists are often packed before the day truly even begins. So how can you find the time to devote to yourself?

Our team of in-home care providers at Qualicare North York want to offer you some tips on how you can start taking better care of yourself by making time for self-care in the new year. Let’s take a look at some ways you can start building better habits in 2019:

Look Out for Yourself

If you don’t have your own back, who else is going to have it? While it is important to have a strong support system, it is also important to be your own biggest cheerleader in life.

Therefore, start making yourself a priority and checking in with yourself. Did you exercise today? Have you been making healthy food choices most of the time? Are you sleeping well at night?

Just like you would check in on a loved one, you also need to do this for yourself! 

Go Back in Time

OK, so you might not be a kid anymore. But weren’t those the days? When you think back on your happy moments in life so far, are those where those happy moments are mostly stored? Who says you can’t go back there?

While you have responsibilities now as an adult, it’s totally OK to have those childhood-like moments again that bring a smile to your face”whether you’re playing your guitar, swinging on a playground, or going back and reading one of your favorite books. 

Don’t underestimate the power of the simple pleasures in life when it comes to bringing happiness to your soul. 

Give Yourself a Break

Are you bad about putting unreasonable expectations on yourself? Do you feel as though everything has to be perfect or you have failed?

Quit beating yourself up. Set yourself up for success with reasonable, realistic goals”and celebrate when you achieve them! 

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