Wound care at home is important so infections are prevented and wounds are healed properly. Our Care Team are experienced in providing wound care that will help your loved one and their family move from an in-patient facility to care-at-home without a gap in care.

Wound treatment

Common problems in wound care

Wound care doesn’t stop when a patient leaves a doctor’s office or the hospital. Often times, family members are needed to help manage their loved one’s level of comfort and hygiene as well. A collaborative approach is needed to overcome the challenges involved with delayed healing, which is why nursing and homecare is often needed.

Getting help & support for wound care

Our Care Team are experienced in wound management, the healing process and the selection of various wound treatments and devices. We will work closely with your referring physician to ensure the best possible outcome. With our help, we can prevent complications, improve patient comfort, and improve healing time.

Let our experienced Care Team, made up of Caregivers, PSWs, RPNs, support you so you can focus on being a family and spending less time on dressing changes and wound care for your loved one.

Questions on Wound Care

After discovering that a wound isn’t healing, panic may strike. Here are some questions that our Care Managers and Caregivers are often asked about chronic, non-healing wounds: