A stroke survivor needs a lot of physical, psychological and emotional support. After a stroke, a person should keep to a strict schedule for their sleep, medication, meal times, physiotherapy and physical recovery.

At Qualicare, nothing is more important to us than finding you a Care Team who can get your loved one feeling comfortable and confident. We are sympathetic to your family’s needs and provide Care Plans that will help support your loved one with stroke rehabilitation.

Nurse working with a stroke patient

We Provide Support for Families Coping With Stroke Survivors

A stroke affects the entire family. Few people are prepared for the consequences of a family member having a stroke. While you may be experiencing feelings of shock and helplessness, you may also be left feeling confused from the behavioural changes that many stroke survivors portray in the early recovery phase. Your home environment may change along with family roles; with children taking care of parents.

At Qualicare, we want you to know that you are not alone during this time. We know how important it is for you and your loved one to feel comfortable, safe and confident with who we bring into your home, which is why we set up a team of care professionals who have specific experience in helping stroke survivors and their families.

Get help & support for Stroke Survivors from Qualicare

Our Care Team are your Caregivers, PSWs, RPNs who are managed and trained by our Care Managers, and will:

  • Maintain routines to discourage agitation and outbursts
  • Adapt routines and activities as needs change
  • Participate in conversation and recreational activities for mental stimulation
  • Offer full assistance with daily necessities such as toileting, bathing and grooming
  • Ensure a safe environment to prevent accidents
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Help with household tasks

“When my 84 year old mother in law had a stroke and was rushed to a hospital, we were told it was quite large and her left side was not functioning and she was going to have a long arduous recovery. We began by sharing the hours in the hospital however it became too difficult for us as she needed constant care. When I phoned Qualicare, I was reminded that we needed to reserve our energy in order to fully care for her needs in the near future.

After a phone interview, Qualicare staff was able to determine our needs and then within 24 hours we had a personal support worker (PSW) that met all of our criteria and beyond. They have supplied us with 2 of their employees that have been outstanding, reliable, professional, compassionate and arrive on time. Qualicare has made recommendations to ensure the safety of our mother in law that we had not considered which it turns out has also improved the quality of her lifestyle. Qualicare coordinates all of the fine details of our needs which relieve all of the “worry” on our part so that we put our focus on the health and lifestyle improvement our family member. We would highly recommend using Qualicare for any situation which arises requiring medical, improvement of lifestyle and care for your loved ones.” – Sari & Mitch S.

How Qualicare North York can Help Your Loved One through a Stroke

The Care Team at Qualicare understands how hard a stroke diagnosis for your loved one is – both emotionally and physically. And it isn’t difficult on just your loved one; it’s hard for you, too. You are learning how to adjust to the aftermath of a stroke. But also, as his or her caregiver, you must learn how to help your loved one through the changes the stroke has brought on. Fortunately, we have tips that can help make the tasks easier on you and your loved one. Read our blog post on how to help your loved one recover from a stroke at his or her own pace.

Questions on Stroke Care

When a loved one has a stroke, people have many questions that they need to be answered. Here are some questions that our Care Team often get asked about stroke recovery: