Theres Plenty of Fun to Be Had for Older Adults! | Qualicare Newmarket, Ontario

Theres Plenty of Fun to Be Had for Older Adults! | Qualicare Newmarket, Ontario

Just because your loved one is getting older doesnt mean he or she has to be bored! There are tons of ways to infuse a little extra fun in every single day.

Thats why our team of in-home care providers at Qualicare Newmarket wants to suggest a few ideas to add to your list:

Lets Dance
Rainy day outside? Dont let the gloomy weather put you and your loved one in a depressed mood”turn up the music and have your own little dance party in the living room! Not only is this a great form of exercise, but dancing can also help boost your mood.

Depending on how mobile your loved one is, you might want to check out local dance studios that offer classes in a variety of dancing styles, such as tango or the waltz.

While freestyle dancing is fun and exciting, learning a new dance with your loved one can also be a great activity to boost cognitive function, as well as get your loved one out of the house for awhile.

Host a Craft Day
Did you know that staying active and social can help boost your loved ones health? Its true! Loneliness and social isolation have actually been shown to be as dangerous to health as some chronic medical conditions.

Therefore, why not get a group of your loved ones friends or family members together for a day or two a month for a craft day?

With the holidays approaching, there are a variety of craft ideas out there for your loved one to enjoy. And it can be a win-win”some of the crafts your loved one makes might even make good gifts!

Play a Game
Did you know that card games, board games and puzzles are one way to help keep your loved ones brain going strong? So why not break out the games this week?

Ask your loved one what types of games he or she enjoys and pull those out for a game or two. Or have your child or grandchild teach your loved one a new game that the entire family can enjoy!

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