Home Care in Aurora

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The demands of caregiving can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Qualicare Newmarket provides personalized home care in Aurora and the neighbouring communities to help seniors thrive in place. Our holistic approach takes the wider context of care into account, including the needs of the family. 

To promote your loved one’s quality of life while effectively supporting your family as a whole, we’ll create a unique 360° Care Plan that aligns with your needs. One of our local Care Experts will assess those needs during an in-depth, complimentary consultation. 

About Our Home Care in Aurora

Caring for a loved one can have a wide-ranging impact on the whole family. Our personalized home care plans can include several forms of support depending on your loved one’s condition and your family situation. Once your care plan is in place, your Care Expert will oversee your care at every step to ensure you receive the relief you need.

The services we can offer as part of our comprehensive care include:

  • Day-to-day support with routine household tasks – If you need someone to help your loved one around the house, from getting dressed to preparing regular meals, we can help. 
  • Support for unique health scenarios – Caring for a relative with a chronic illness or recent injury? We can arrange in-home care, and condition-specific support. We can also help you evaluate your health care options. 
  • Family and community-related assistance – We can provide coverage for family caregivers and inform you of local programs and services that could help your family and lower the cost of care. 
  • Consistent company and mental engagement – Our caregivers can provide a social outlet for your loved one and keep them engaged with interesting activities and events. 

Qualicare Newmarket Serves Families Across the Aurora Area

Whatever your loved one’s condition or your specific care situation, we’ll work with you to create a home care plan that meets all your needs. Our Care Experts understand how complicated this process can be for a family. Let us support you through it. 

Our home care is available across the greater Aurora area, including:

  • Aurora
  • Newmarket
  • King City
  • Bradford
  • Georgina
  • Holland Landing
  • Mt. Albert
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To consult a Care Expert or request a no-cost assessment for our home care in Aurora, call Qualicare Newmarket at (289) 340-0295.

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