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Qualicare Newmarket is led by Richard Hennigar, with the support of his wife Samantha.

Prior to becoming a nurse, Samantha received her diploma in Social Service Worker Gerontology, working in retirement home settings as well as day centres specializing in dementia care. She has been a registered nurse for over 10 years with experience providing bed-side care, and helping families navigate the health care system.

Samantha recognized while working in the acute care setting that there is a great need for holistic quality care in the community. She feels it is important to have a single point of access so people don’t get lost in our confusing system. She believes that the whole family needs support during a health care crisis.

Richard is a professional engineer with experience leading teams, and striving for high customer satisfaction. His composed and levelled approach allows him to be a calming influence when working with families during often difficult times. He’ll work hard to listen to the needs of the family to ensure that Qualicare is providing a high level of support for the entire family.

Both Richard and Samantha were born and raised in Newmarket. When presented with the opportunity to bring Qualicare’s proven approach of providing high quality family homecare to their hometown, they jumped at the chance. Richard and Samantha are passionate about being able to help support their community.

Our history

Before Qualicare became a trusted name across North America, and before we opened our first home care agency, our story started somewhere even more important: with family.

Over twenty years ago, Wayne and Andrea Nathanson were caring for Wayne’s father Nardy as he battled Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It was during this difficult time they realized the breadth and depth of dedication, the resources and support required to provide the care Nardy needed. His care involved coordinating the efforts of over 40 care and health practitioners from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Fortunately, Andrea’s nurse training, home care expertise and resourcefulness enabled Nardy to get the best care possible. It made the couple realize how they could help other families in similar situations. That’s when they decided to start Qualicare.

Today, Qualicare helps families take care of loved ones all over North America. Their dedicated team of professional caregivers works tirelessly to deliver a standard of home care and quality of life unavailable anywhere else. It’s a wide-ranging, comprehensive service with a simple goal: your peace of mind.

Our history
Our core values

Our core values

Two decades after opening our first home care agency, Qualicare remains committed to our core principles. Today, our approach to delivering care is guided by a set of eight Core Values:

  • Client Focused
  • Be the Difference
  • Better Together
  • Deliver Quality with Every Action
  • Transparent, Honest & Respectful
  • Listen, Learn & Grow
  • Beyond the Usual
  • Find the Joy

Our values push us to lead the industry in quality and commitment. To truly be able to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families, we believe in these core values. From being the difference during a stressful situation, to helping find the joy in little moments, we are more than standard home care.


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