Helping a Loved One Avoid Loneliness During the Holidays | Qualicare Newmarket

Helping a Loved One Avoid Loneliness During the Holidays | Qualicare Newmarket

While the theme of the holiday season might be holiday cheer, for many older adults, loneliness can also play a factor.

Lost loved ones and memories of golden years can cloud the current season, making it hard.

That’s why our team at Qualicare Newmarket wants to share some tips on helping an older loved one navigate the holidays. Let’s take a look at some ways you can help add holiday cheer to your loved one’s season.

Be a Good Listener

Sometimes people don’t need advice. They just need someone to listen to them”no matter whether the conversation is negative or positive.

Be there for your loved one by being an active listener. Don’t listen trying to come up with a solution. Simply listen and really hear what your loved one has to say.

Make Others Feel Important

Everyone in the family is important, and every person has a role. During these moments of loneliness, your loved one might not feel as though he or she is important and may even feel like a burden.

Help your loved one feel more important this holiday season by involving him or her in all kinds of activities, such as decorating holiday cookies, trimming the tree and wrapping gifts. And if you know there’s something your loved one is an expert at, definitely tap into that skill!

Celebrate the True Meaning of the Holidays

Finally, instead of focusing on materialistic things, celebrate the true meaning of the holidays. Spend time together sharing stories, crafting and just enjoying being around one another.

A lot of times we can get so caught up in holiday shopping and gift-giving that we forget to stop and focus on making memories with our loved ones that can last a lifetime!

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