Exploring the Benefits of Music Therapy for Older Adults | Qualicare Newmarket

Exploring the Benefits of Music Therapy for Older Adults | Qualicare Newmarket

Do you ever listen to a song, and it takes you back to a moment in time? It can even be a memory you hardly remember or haven’t thought about in a while, but as soon as you hear that song, all the emotions come running back as though you are in that moment again. 

Our team at Qualicare Newmarket wants you to know that through music therapy, this same feeling can happen to your loved one, especially if he or she if suffering from dementia. 

Music Therapy 101

There is something about music that just cannot be denied. No matter what our age, music has the ability to impact us in a way that nothing else can.

Especially for seniors, music therapy can bring about a number of benefits other than just good music, such as:

Relieving Stress and Tension

As we age, we are at a greater risk of dealing with tension and overwhelming stress. Fortunately, music can help alleviate some of these feelings experienced by many older adults. 

In fact, music has been found to not only reduce cortisol levels in the body, but it can also help slow heart rate in people experiencing anxiety and stress.

Improving Cognitive Skills

Dealing with dementia can be difficult to handle both for the person who’s directly impacted and for those around him or her, particularly as communication diminishes.

Music therapy can assist in slowing the decline of a dementia patient’s speech, as well as improve cognitive ability and the ability to speak through song. 

Promoting Physical Activity

We all need to incorporate exercise into our lives, especially as we age. However, as we grow older, we may not want to move as much as we should.

Yet when that one song comes on, you know you cannot help but get up to dance and sing! Even something as simple as clapping or the tapping of toes can encourage seniors to move, as well as get social! 

Isolation is a huge issue among seniors. But music can stimulate conversation and help diminish feelings of loneliness. 

Are you ready to improve your loved one’s quality of life? Reach out to our team of in-home care providers at Qualicare Newmarket today to learn how we can help!


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