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Senior Home Care FAQ in Mississauga

Finding the right senior home care provider can be a stressful and confusing process. It’s only natural that most families come to this process with plenty of questions.

At Qualicare, we strive to make caregiving as simple and stress-free as possible. Below, we’ve answered several of the most common questions we receive about senior home care.

Can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ? In that case, we invite you to contact your nearest Qualicare office. A local Care Expert will be happy to answer your questions over the phone or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your caregiving needs.

No! Qualicare actually makes it a priority to coordinate public services from all applicable agencies so that our clients get access to all services and resources they are eligible for. We take the initiative to contact these public agencies to improve the setup and management of these government services.

It’s possible. There are numerous insurance plans that cover all the nursing and personal support services offered by Qualicare. You should always verify your coverage with your insurance company before moving forward with any senior home care services. If you choose to hire Qualicare, you will be responsible for reimbursement from your insurance company. At this time, we are not able to work directly with insurance companies unless we are hired by them and given explicit instructions.

When it comes to finding and assessing a nursing home, retirement centre, or any other type of long-term care facility, you need a partner who understands the process and what to look for. That’s where Qualicare comes in. We make sure that you understand the important aspects that must be reviewed and help you set specific criteria before beginning your search. We can help organize tours, set up appointments, and ensure all your questions are answered as you aim to narrow down your options to find the best possible facility.

While our services are often referred to as “senior home care,” that doesn’t mean that we only provide them at home! Qualicare offers quality care to clients wherever they are located—whether that be at home, in a nursing home facility, in the hospital, or within a retirement community.

All of our professionals are trained caregivers who have the qualifications and/or certifications necessary to provide the appropriate type of care to the clients they are serving. Many Qualicare caregivers have professional, medical, and even nursing designations from around the world, as well as local experience in their area. Our staff include Care Experts, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Personal Support Workers. Note that caregiver availability may vary from agency to agency.

Our collaborative approach to healthcare advocacy and coordinated senior home care ensures clients get the best possible care in every situation. From remaining innovative to providing simple, easy to understand home health services, we excel in every area. Learn more about the Qualicare difference here.

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging. Our Care Experts can accompany clients to appointments, supporting them throughout the process. They keep all relevant materials organized, and on hand to ensure doctors have all the information needed to properly assess a patient’s health. They can also help interpret reports and findings from doctors that may be difficult for a loved one or their family to understand. Lastly, our Care Experts work with clients and their healthcare providers to explore viable treatment options.

Yes. Qualicare has compassionate nurses and caregivers who are ready to help families through this challenging and difficult journey. We pull together community resources, led by a palliative doctor, to ensure the individual is as comfortable as possible and their family is cared for as well. Our mission is to maximum the loved one’s quality of life, prioritizing comfort with our holistic approach.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are healthy and cared for. This commitment helps us prevent problems from developing and allows us to quickly initiate medical interventions when necessary. Our Care Experts are all experienced in coordinating senior home care and health care services. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients avoid hospitalizations through close monitoring of their condition, medication, lab results, specialist’s reports, and much more.

Family members often take the brunt of the situation when trying to ensure a loved one receives high-quality senior home care. That’s why Qualicare was founded—to ensure that loved ones and their families get the support and guidance they need. Family members can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are getting exceptional care and support with the help of Qualicare, allowing them to better balance their professional, personal, and familial responsibilities. Our care coordination also helps ensure that loved ones and family members are properly cared for and assisted at every step of this difficult time. We enable you to care for your loved one at your own pace, rather than having to act as an unpaid caregiver.

If an individual has an urgent or temporary need for live-in senior home care, Qualicare can help. Our agencies can readily provide caregivers who offer short-stay care for live-in assignments. Individuals who need live-in care may require assistance or security, but should still have restful sleep at night. Caregivers are equipped to provide assistance with general personal care, daily living activities, and errands.

Medical professionals regularly recognize the significant benefit of having our professionals provide support through up-to-date and accurate reports. Our healthcare advocates provide insightful knowledge on important health issues clients may be dealing with, enabling them to provide better, more personalized care. Qualicare also ensures that any pertinent or crucial information is reviewed by hospitals or doctors so that treatments can be adjusted as necessary. In many cases, our senior home care services can help coordinate early discharges by creating a more comfortable, safe recovery at home. Qualicare can significantly reduce discharge time by creating a suitable environment at home for healing and recovery with the support of a medical team. Further, government agencies also place great value on the senior home care services we provide.

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