Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Homecare

It can be difficult for families of loved ones with mental health problems
to know what to do. Between navigating the complications of the healthcare
system and acting as a caregiver and support for their loved one, not
much time is left over for the family to just focus on being a family.

At Qualicare, our homecare professionals are passionate about helping clients
with mental health problems and their families. Not only do we construct
a personalized plan of care, we also work collaboratively with other healthcare
providers to make sure that all aspects of a clients care are exceptional.
In addition, we act as a go-between for families and hospitals or other
healthcare providers. Our cases are managed by
nurses who can expertly navigate the healthcare system on behalf of your family.

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Our Approach to Mental Health Services

All of our services begin with what we like to call the
360° Approach. Initially, we conduct an in-home assessment of your loved one and entire
family that allows us to observe how everyone is dealing with their circumstances.
We prefer this assessment to be done in the comfort and familiarity of
the clients own home; however, any of our services can also be
performed in hospitals, nursing homes, and similar locations. After the
assessment, we walk you through service options that your loved one and
your family might benefit from. Each family is assigned to a nurse who
can manage all aspects of the case and of the caregivers involved.