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As we age, different issues begin to arise. Suddenly our bones are not as strong, and our memory is not as sharp.

However, these arent the only changes that might affect a womans health as she ages. Thats why our team at Qualicare SW Indiana wants to share insight on what changes you may see”and how to manage them.

How Your Health Changes Over the Years

With each age we reach, a new set of health issues seems to always appear. However, its important to know the difference between whats normal and whats not to live a long, healthier life.

Have you started noticing more inflammation as you have aged, especially around age 40 and up? While it might not mean anything, inflammation can play a role in mental health issues and could be a sign of cancer. Therefore, its important to be checked out by a medical professional to ensure nothing else is going on.

During our 50s, osteoporosis also tends to be an issue”and its more common among women than men. Because women are at an increased risk of bone loss, bone density scans can help uncover the issue sooner rather than later so that you can take steps to protect your bones from fractures.

Beyond inflammation and bone loss, many women also experience weight gain as they age.. Particularly around our midsection, weight gain can be the result of hormonal issues and disrupted sleep. If you are uncomfortable with your recent weight gain, talk to a physician about ways you can achieve weight loss.

Our team of in-home care providers at Qualicare SW Indianawants to help you age as gracefully as possible. Give us a call today to learn how our team can help.


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