Hospital staff do their best to attend to your needs, but it can be difficult
to provide care in a timely manner given the staff to patient ratio. When
you require more individual attention, we can help.

We are often called upon to provide additional care in Southwest Indiana
area hospitals. Having individualized care and support ensures comfort
and safety, and may prevent complications and reduce the length of the
hospital stay.

Southwest Indiana Hospital Care and Support Services

  • Personal care by experienced caregivers
  • Support through the rehabilitation process or post-operative care
  • Assistance with navigating the healthcare system
  • Discharge planning “ ensuring the patients home care is in
    place before being discharged from the hospital
  • Patient advocacy

Qualicare Southwest Indiana can provide extra support and comfort in the
hospital in many ways.

  • Assistance with positioning in bed
  • Assistance with gentle exercises
  • Assistance with personal grooming (washing, dressing, mouth care)
  • Assistance with walking
  • Assistance with toileting
  • Assistance with communicating with nurses, other hospital staff , family
    and friends
  • Assistance with meals

Our early involvement often accelerates a patients hospital departure,
and enables us to ensure that proper homecare is in place before they
arrive at home. We ensure all necessary supplies and equipment are available,
all bathroom and bedroom modifications are complete, and that the transfer
home from the hospital is safe and smooth. Throughout this process, the
comfort and dignity of the patient and their familys peace of mind
is always our top priority.

While in the hospital, extended medical insurance (available in many benefit
plans) will often pay for care by Personal Support Workers (PSWs)
or Certified Nurses, when required. Please check your benefit packages
for reimbursements.