Respite Care is temporary, short-term relief for people caring for their
family members at home. Qualicare Southwest Indiana caregivers can come
to your home to allow the primary caregivers some time away to recharge.

Respite Care can be useful when the primary caregiver is planning to be
away on vacation. You may want a caregiver to visit during the day, or
have someone live-in with your family member and stay overnight while
you are away.

If you are currently employing a caregiver who needs time off regularly,
our home Respite Care could be a great solution. We will provide a consistent,
steady and reliable caregiver who can fill-in or replace the primary caregiver
should the need arise.

The responsibilities of being the primary caregiver can be overwhelming
without some support, this is where we can help. Respite care offers a
temporary break to the family caregiver – planned or urgent. We can provide
scheduled, ongoing relief for home caregivers, to reduce stress and prevent
caregiver burnout.