Our Support Network

Caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers disease can be
overwhelming. You may have questions about what to do and where to turn.
We are here to help.

Qualicare understands Alzheimers disease and we are here to help
you navigate the stages of the disease while also allowing you to maintain
a sense of well being. We are here to support you through this experience
and help you become an informed and empowered caregiver.

Family HomeCare

We focus on care for the whole family so you can focus on your loved ones.
Essentially, we take on the role of professional son or daughter
allowing you to minimize your stress so you can enjoy quality time with
your family and peace of mind knowing that Qualicare is involved.

Nurse Managed Care

All of our care is managed by nurses to ensure we are providing the right
care in the right way. Caregivers are thoroughly oriented with the right
priorities and clear direction. Nurse Managers also provide ongoing professional
monitoring, oversight and reviews of care in order to ensure the patients
goals are achieved and the quality of service is maintained.